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PharmaLive is an innovative application designed for simplification & Automation of Pharma Trade Order Management between the DISTRIBUTORS and RETAILERS.  This product has been test driven in the market and the distributors and retailers expressed their satisfaction.
Traditionally, this market operates by personal visits of Sales Executives to take orders on paper and update back to systems manually after the trip, as each order consists of multiple items.   This process is cumbersome and time consuming, as executives need to visit no. of medical stores in a day. 
PharmaLive helps sales persons to automate their order management on the move and makes it totally online.  With PharmaLive, traders will be able to gain the features of power packed ERP, irrespective of software they use at stores.   It simplifies order taking process and in no time, orders can be downloaded and shipped. It is based on Android OS and works smoothly on Tablet.
Approximately around 1 Lakh Distributors and around 10 Lakh Retailers across India are in need of smooth solution for their orders management.  This solution fills that gap and saves time for both parties and helps in reducing inventory and improving profitability.
Features / Advantages:

  • Totally  Automated Online Order taking ability
  • Simplifies the order taking process
  • Reduces the time gap between order taking & Dispatch
  • Synchronies  with Office Data
  • Order Entry with few clicks while interacting with customer
  • Ability to Take Digital Sign & Photo of customer
  • Collect Receipts with ease
  • Company wise Stock Position at a click
  • To be Expired Items & Non-moving items view
  • Outstanding info  along with aging on hand
  • Automatic Orders Transfer to Office
  • No Manual work involved in order migration with software used at office.
  • Easy to Upload data & Download Orders at Office
  • Download Orders & Collections with a  single Click
  • Instant SMS to Distributor & Retailer
  • Easy to Use, yet, highly secure

Now, Sales people can focus more on customer satisfaction and Trader can focus on faster shipments & collections and reduced inventory levels.   Saves time for retailers and products comes faster.


Advantages to Distributor

  • Push latest stock info to sales people with one click.
  • Reduces the time gap between order taking & Dispatch
  • Download Orders faster and save time.
  • Data Re-entry not required for orders & collection
  • Improved performance of sales team
  • Reduced inventory as orders come faster
  • Can monitor Orders & Collection of sales persons at any point of time.

Advantages to Sales person:

  • Easy to take Orders
  • Accurate Order information along with Prices
  • Option of taking sign & photo of Retailer
  • Call Retailer with a click
  • Online info for stock position, expiry & Non-moving products
  • Outstanding info with Aging on hand.
  • Faster Collections and improved customer satisfaction

Advantages to Retailers:

  • Faster receipts of stock                                 * Accurate info about Outstanding & Stock status
  • SMS confirmation of orders & dispatch.   * Reduced inventory as lead time is less
  • Improved profits

Manual System                                                                                                                PharmaLive
Day 1: New Stock Received                                                                         Day 1: Stock Received, Info Given to
Day 2: New Stock info given to Sales Persons                                                      Sales People, Orders Taken
Day 3: Orders comes through Sales persons                                       
Saving 2 days of Inventory for Distributor, helps in reduced inventory and improved profitability.
It is a simple and powerful solution, which helps in improving the overall process.  This innovative product has been kept at reasonable price and will be available at the cost of Rs. 5,000 per year.

For further info, Pl contact Mr. Sridhar Narra, Director @ 9849086644


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