Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is online Search Engine Marketing technique applied on search engines to drive relevant traffic to your website within a short period of time. Getting naturally listed on search engines takes time and that’s why Pay Per Click (PPC)as an online advertising tool gains prominence. The best and most popular PPC search engines are Google Adword, Yahoo search marketing and Microsoft ad center. With PPC advertising you can get immediate visibility to your website which may lead to more traffic on your website.

Key benefit of Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

  • Quick to launch
  • Instant Results or Traffic
  • Easy to track and measure conversions
  • Budget Controlling
  • ROI Assessment
  • Traceable Advertising

Our PPC Campaign Strategy
The best and most popular PPC search engines are Google Adword, Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture) and Microsoft Ad Center. Conquerors Technologies will perform extensive keyword research before setting up your PPC campaign. We will monitor your PPC accounts for click and impression and will track your “Return on Investment” (ROI) to know how much profit your advertising budget is buying. Outline for our Pprofessional PPC strategy is mentioned below:

  • Setting your Goal & Account
  • Keyword Research, analysis and suggestion
  • Ads Development and Creativity
  • Landing Pages
  • Bid Management & Strategy
  • Tracking Conversions and ROI
  • Reporting, Observations and Recommendations

Out of all of the three major Paid placement services (Google, Yahoo & MSN), Google Adword is major drivers in potential visitor to website as well as in popularity. So we always suggest to our clients for targeting Adword when they are looking to run a paid placement campaign. Some search engines implement the theory, whoever bid is highest will gets the top positions but Ad position in Google will mostly depend on some other factors also. This is why we always pay attentions to relevancy as well as creativity of your Ads to get high positions in Adword and reduce cost.

PPC Campaign management professionals at our internet marketing division are very well prepared with all the expertise and skills to ensure that our clients get good return on investments (ROI) and they meet all their PPC marketing targets.

What We Do..

We design and build new platforms for your business – desktop, web, social, mobile solutions and then work with you to obtain high natural search rankings (SEO&SMO) for your own site using a range of proven methods.

We are a team of designers and usability experts, web developers, and real world marketers. We fuse together to design and build web, social, mobile apps for entrepreneurs, start-ups, mid-sized companies and enterprises across the world and then make it available to the world with a professional SEO outlook.

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